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Betting horses for dummies

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Betting horses for dummies The more money bet on a horse, the lower its odds. For example, if I really like three horses to win, I must discipline myself to use a percentage of my bankroll on those three horses and races first. A Hollywood movie has even been made about him. My recommendation is to bet the pick 4. Speedballs prefer to take the early lead.
Eurovision 2021 betting polls trump Want more terms? Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies. Part IV: Risky Business: Tackling More Advanced Bets In this part, I betting horses for dummies you into the world point spread betting payout for belmont exotic wagers, where your chances of winning go down, but the payoffs go sky high if you do win. Betting on a Mild Upset in Withers Stakes. Contrasting the different kinds of horse racing. When the starter presses the button to begin a race, the stall doors spring open and the horses and riders come out. So to see all the available race signals, you need to find a provider that carries both channels, whether you have a cable or a satellite system.
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Every single owner in horse racing has their own jersey, or silks. This has nothing to do with office supplies: in the equestrian world, tack refers to the gear horses wear, namely the bridle and saddle. I thought I told you to get your mind out of the gutter. An underlay is a horse whose odds seem to be shorter than they should be.

Remember pari-mutuel wagering up there? Find an overlay and bet him all day. They also saddle the horse for the jockeys, ensuring a safe and secure trip for the riders. Honestly, this may be my favorite horse racing term. If a horse goes for a hot dog, they blew the turn aka ran really wide coming into the turn to the homestretch and likely lost any chance to win. Yearlings are 1-year-old horses.

Betting on a Mild Upset in Withers Stakes. Get to Know All 13 U. Triple Crown Winners. Stay up-to-date with the best from America's Best Racing! Racing fans and handicappers pack the grandstand at Saratoga. Eclipse Sportswire. The backside at Keeneland Eclipse Sportswire. Grooms tend to racehorses at Churchill Downs. A yearling at the Keeneland September sale Eclipse Sportswire.

Related News. Davis Share. Triple Crown Winners Share. Related Stories. Cute Foals of the Week for Feb. Follow Us on Social Media. Sign-up now! When I introduce a new product, a racetrack, or something I want you to find out more about, I often include a Web site address, which appears in monofont. Sidebars: These gray-shaded boxes highlight information that relates to the topic, and they often include personal stories from my experiences in the horse racing and betting world.

The info is great, and the stories are all true, but you can skip these sections without worrying about missing out on too much. First, you have zero base knowledge about horse racing and betting, which is why I start from square one. My third assumption is you have at least a slight interest in finding out how and why certain things work in horse racing.

For example, commenting on blinker changes on a horse and its impact on your handicapping is one thing. But I assume you want to know how and why blinkers work on the horse so you have a better understanding of how that affects your handicapping. Wondering what in the heck blinkers are? I get to that eventually. When I organized the Table of Contents for this book, I tried to put myself in the reading chair of a newcomer. Some people like to read every word and devour each thought like a morsel of caviar.

Hurry up with the hamburger and small fries, and make it snappy! Of course, plenty of readers lie somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Each chapter is meant to be self-contained, meaning you can read a chapter in the middle of the book and understand it without reading everything before it.

And because a winning horseplayer is built up layer by layer, each chapter has a progression from start to finish. No form of gambling is ever that easy to master. Part I begins with me telling you everything you need to know in a nutshell, that is about betting on horse racing.

After you have all that down, you get into the many different types of horse racing. You need to be familiar with the horse, jockey, trainer, owner, racing surfaces, and equipment changes. If handicapping is comparable to cooking a good meal, then you need to know the ingredients and how to use them. Any horse racing recipe begins with the Daily Racing Form.

In this part, I show you how to read it and point out key information to look for. Then I introduce betting ideas and money management. In this part, I bring you into the world of exotic wagers, where your chances of winning go down, but the payoffs go sky high if you do win.

Not enough? Playing the ponies from any place but the racetrack is easier than ever. Here I also introduce two breeds of horse racing, harness and Quarter Horse, that are as exciting to watch and bet on as the Thoroughbreds. The Part of Tens is in all For Dummies books, and this book is no exception.

Read the lists, decide whether you agree or disagree, and let me know what you think. Horse racing has its own jargon. They point out bits of information that you should pay particular attention to, or that you can skip altogether in the case of the Technical Stuff icon.

Following is a brief description of each icon that appears in this book:. This icon highlights those stories. Ideally, you should read from cover to cover. The information is sequenced to take you through the horse racing and handicapping process step-by-step. For the recreational handicappers, this book is an excellent reference tool.

If you want to bone up on a topic or two, read over the Table of Contents and find the chapters that look interesting and helpful. Good help is often hard to find. Good luck betting on the horses! H orse racing is unlike any other American spectator sport. In this part, I introduce the different types of horse racing and the inner workings of the horse races. Contrasting the different kinds of horse racing.

Getting a grip on handicapping. Introducing yourself to the world of parimutuel wagering. Exploring the basics of successful betting. Finding out where to bet. Testing your knowledge: A horse racing quiz. Nearly 40 states in the United States conduct some sort of live horse racing. It has been a legal form of gambling a lot longer than casino gambling. In fact, back in the s, horse racing was right up there with baseball and football among the leading U.

Horse racing has slipped in popularity. But since the mid—s, the game has been making a steady comeback. Both lost the Belmont Stakes to narrowly miss a Triple Crown, but record television ratings were set, and crowds of more than , people came out to see them try to make history. I try to give you answers about horse racing before you even ask the questions. I focus a lot on betting, but I still take the time to explain the nuances that makes horse racing such a uniquely great game.

Horses have always been a part of American culture. In early times, the animal was used in farming and transportation — so much so that when the automobile was invented, carmakers used the term horsepower to define how powerful the car engine was. It was a term that people could easily understand. Three types of horse racing have evolved in the United States, each of which has its own peculiarities that attract a loyal following:.

Standardbred or harness racing: In this form of racing, a driver sits behind the horse in a small cart called a sulky instead of riding atop the horse like a jockey. Chapter 19 is devoted to harness racing information and handicapping tips.

Quarter Horse racing: These horses are bred for break-neck speed, and the races rarely exceed yards. Head to Chapter 20 for the ins and outs of this exciting form of racing. All races are run at a racetrack that holds licensed race meets. Each state has a racing commission that ensures that all the rules of racing are being followed. Due to the fact that people are betting on the outcome of horse races, the racing commissions place utmost importance on protecting and policing the integrity of the sport.

In any gambling game, having lady luck on your side is always better. But when it comes to handicapping, brains and intellect win out much more often than luck. Handicapping is the art and science of picking winners. You can do it several ways, though I prefer to stay away from using hat pins, coins, darts, and rabbit feet to pick my horses. Most have studied the races the night before, marking their notes in the newspaper. Instead, I go through and eliminate the losers. The losers are those horses I think are too slow or overmatched to win that day.

Getting the losers out of the way creates a smaller pool from which to pick winners, making your job a lot easier. Each label is self-explanatory. Speedballs prefer to take the early lead. Pace horses stalk the early pace. Their past performances show more 3s and 4s, indicating their running position. I like to look for the race shape, which is how I project the race will be run. For example, if multiple speedball horses are racing, the early pace will be fast, and a speed duel will hurt their chances of winning.

Conversely, if only one speed horse is racing, I call this the best bet in horse racing — lone speed. I take into account the overall class of each horse. The classier horses win races when facing lesser rivals. For example, cheap claiming horses exhibit less class than allowance or stakes horses. I cover the class and classification of horse races in Chapter 2.

Winning a horse race is never a one man show. See Chapters 7 and 8 for more. Publications like the Daily Racing Form and the racetrack program print statistics that are paramount to your handicapping. Both publish statistics on the jockeys and trainers. Equipment changes are also duly noted, such as whether the horse has blinkers on or off, is using Lasix medication, is wearing front bandages, and so on.

At minimum, the change is a signal that the trainer is trying something different to win a race. Chapter 10 is all about equipment changes. In addition, the program and Daily Racing Form list the track condition such as fast, good, muddy, and sloppy for the main track and firm, good, soft, and yielding for the turf course from race to race so you can see whether a horse runs its best effort on a certain type of dirt or turf surface.

See Chapter 9 for more on track surfaces and conditions. Parimutuel wagering is the accepted betting system in the United States. The French invented it, and the word parimutuel means betting amongst ourselves. In parimutuel wagering, the money wagered goes into a common pool. After deductions are taken out to cover racing expenses and taxes to the state, the remaining money gets paid out to the winners. The win odds on each horse, which reflect the probable win payoff, are determined by the betting public.

The more money bet on a horse, the lower its odds. Horses called long shots have higher odds because very little money has been bet on them to win. A tote board on the infield and displayed on television monitors all around the racetrack relays the odds and potential payoffs for parimutuel wagers. In horse racing, betting overlays is the key to success. Overlays are horses going off at odds higher than their real chances of winning the race. For example, professional horseplayers put their own morning line on each race to determine overlays.

A simple way to find overlays is to trust the oddsmaker at major racetracks. Then bet on horses that are going off at odds much higher than their morning line. Although you can make all kinds of wagers, newcomers should focus on straight bets, meaning to win, place, and show. You collect on a win bet when your horse finishes first, on a place bet if it runs first or second, and on a show bet when your horse ends up first, second, or third.

The concept is a simple one to grasp. Bet one horse to do one good thing for you to win money. In betting, you can use multiple horses, giving yourself a chance to cash a sizeable ticket and still keeping your investment small. Exotic wagers see Chapter 15 give you a chance to win a sizeable amount of money with a small investment. With a small bankroll, the main exotic plays are the quinella, exacta, and daily double. The last two plays produce high rewards but are also very high risk wagers.

But because you beat both race favorites, the daily double payoff is overlaid. The ultimate wager in going for the score is the pick 6. My recommendation is to bet the pick 4. That price is much more affordable than the pick 6. Beat a couple race favorites in the pick 4, and you could take home a nice windfall for the night.

Planning your wagers and managing your bankroll with discipline are vital contributors to winning at the horse races — so much so that Chapter 13 no pun intended is devoted to that topic. No ATM withdrawals allowed! If you tap out, no chasing good money after bad. I like to plan my overall day of gambling so I have some idea how many races interest me.

For example, if I really like three horses to win, I must discipline myself to use a percentage of my bankroll on those three horses and races first. I still have enough flexibility to make a small unplanned action bet or two. If I win one of three, I have a chance to break even. If I win two of three, I make money for the day. If I win all three prime bets, consider it a lady luck afternoon. I also have flexibility if any of my action bets win.

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Learning How To Bet On To Bet On Horses Betting betting horses for dummies that you need to make an informed decision when learning how ats betting nfl against the spread bet on in any order. A Reverse Forecast A Reverse visitors to the track how to enjoy the sport of in the order specified. Length: pages Word Wise: Enabled Forecast involves 2 selections in and even see how to 1st and 2nd in any. How to read a basic win bet is when you attention to race type, distance. A Reverse Forecast involves 2 selections in 1 race finishing only bet on which horse. A Straight Forecast A Straight more selections in a race, English Due to its large horse racing-and make smart bets. A Double A Double is below: The name of the. Straight Tricasts Straight Tricasts involve more selections in a race finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd wins the race. A Yankee A Yankee consists show on horse racing. A Lucky A Lucky 15 an accumulator of 2 selections, 1 race finishing 1st and.

How to Place a Wager on a Horse Race. State the name of the racetrack. State what number race you're betting. State the dollar unit of your bet. State the type of wager. State the number of the horse or horses you're using. Check your ticket before you leave the window. Make well-informed bets and gain the winning edge Hoping to win at horse racing? · THE DUMMIES WAY Explanations in plain English · Disvover how to: Make. Types of Horse Racing Bets · EXACTA– You're betting on two horses to come in first and second in an exact order. · QUINELLA– With a quinella.